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How to compose a paragraph

How to create a type scale

How to pick typefaces


Day 1: Map

Day 2: Sketch

Day 3: Decide


How to write well

How to write phrases

How to write messages

How to create a voice

Working with New Tech

How to build with LLMs

How to craft LLM experiences

Help & Support

How to scope a support experience

How to design discovery for support

How to design a support centre

How to write good support articles

Release Engineering

Trunk based development

Agile development terminology

Git commit messages

Code review and pull requests


🌱 Life at Obvious


Design growth framework

How to give ongoing feedback

How to check-in every quarter

How to address underperformance


Employment Policies

Equal opportunity employment

At-will employment

Employee records and privacy

Prevention of sexual harassment

Drugs and alcohol


Benefits and Perks

Paid time off

Insurance and healthcare

Continuing education

Speaking at conferences


Brag doc template [Duplicate me]


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